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committed or simply curious,
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Celtic Chross with ChaliceStand in awe of the Creator's working in and throughout creation

Celtic Chross with ChaliceRecognize that we live in Divinity, and Divinity lives in us

Celtic Chross with ChaliceAct out our belief that if the Divine Presence lives in us and loves us unequivocally -- we should do no less toward one another

Celtic Chross with Chalice Recognize that the loving gifts of the Beloved are freely given and not subject to validation by others
 Understand that "church" is not "God", but only a way to the Divine Beloved

Faciliate a process by which each individual can develop a rich personal relationship with the Divine

 Know that life is meant to be lived in the freedom of choice with Jesus the Christ as the ideal Way, and not frozen in rules or in the time-locked interpretations of others
 Celebrate a joyful and uplifting worship service that charges our batteries for the week to come

 Practice special moments of Grace: the sacraments of baptism, confirmation/chrismation, reconciliation, marriage, ministry, sickness or death

 Serve others -- especially those most in need -- locally, nationally and internationally

 Provide learning experiences for those interested

 Thank the Divine Presence for the Oneness of the Creator-Father/Mother, Who opened the door to our full reunion with the Beloved through the epochal evolutionary event of the life of Jesus Christ, our Brother and example, and through the Holy Spirit moving in all creation

 Jesus did not come to "save us from damnation, " because we are already and always loved by God.  In his own words, Jesus told us his purpose:

  "I have come that you might have life, 
and have it more abundantly."  

- John 10:10