A home for hungry minds and souls,
Wherever you are on your spiritual journey,
committed or simply curious,
You are welcome here.


doveThe Contemporary Catholic Church is an autocephalous, sacramental and Apostolic Catholic Church that was founded to serve the spiritual needs of people in this highly changing and stress-filled world. We believe there is a deep spiritual and even mystical hunger in our society today.

The Contemporary Catholic Church seeks to address this hunger by providing a spiritual direction which seeks to combine the best of contemporary insight within the framework of the Catholic faith.

We seek to help people return to a Catholic spiritual and sacramental life, who have, for whatever reason found themselves at odds with their church -- whether because of divorce, remarriage, lack of ordination of women, artificial contraception, political involvement, or a lack of spiritual depth within the worship experience. The Contemporary Catholic Church welcomes all and everyone to our services, both those who have faith and those who have lost faith. All are welcome to fully participate, regardless of the color of one's skin, gender, marital status, or any other characteristics that seek to divide children of the Divine.

Our church encourages intellectual and religious freedom and holds the individual conscience in high respect. You'll find love, acceptance and fellowship within the Contemporary Catholic Church, whether you believe in the literal exposition of the scriptures or you accept the allegorical spiritual interpretation.

We welcome all who come in a spirit of reverence and seeking spiritual nourishment or enlightenment.


Who are we?

The Contemporary Catholic Church is an autocephalous Catholic jurisdiction that possesses a valid Catholic Apostolic Succession. Our priests offer all seven Sacraments: Baptism, Eucharist (Lord's Supper), Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders/Ordination, Penance/Reconciliation, and Anointing for Healing

Our Church is a welcoming, reconciling, healing and loving Catholic gathering of Eucharistic Communities where people come together with joy and hope, under the leadership and spiritual authority of Bishop Sharon Hart.

Under the spiritual patronage of St. Mary Magdalene, we are a young and growing church.

The Contemporary Catholic Church believes there are hosts of angels who work with us towards alleviating distress in this world. Accordingly, we see ceremony as a Divine means of invoking the help of Angels who are ever ready to respond to the needs of sincere seekers. Our community uses a joyous and modern liturgy, which is based on traditional Catholic beliefs and liturgical language, yet provides uplifting aspiration. You'll find that the Contemporary Catholic Church offers a natural balance between ceremonial worship, devotional aspiration, mystic thought and spiritual development .